CNC Horizontal Boring Machining Center YSBD-130/20T

CNC Horizontal Boring Machining Center YSBD-130/20T

Horizontal boring machine is a metalworking machine designed for boring holes through materials, such as boring, reaming, and milling. Drills, reamers, milling machines, and other tools are used to perform these operations. His one type of boring machine is a horizontal boring machine with a horizontal spindle. The individual axis movements required to execute the machining cycle are guaranteed by the CNC control system.


  • Max. X-axis Travel :

  • Max. Y-axis Travel :

  • Max. Z-axis Travel :

  • Max Workpiece Length :

  • Max Workpieces Width :

  • Max Workpieces Weight :

  • Application :

    Auto Parts
  • Processing :

    Surface Milling, Drilling Holes, Tapping

Horizontal Boring Machining Center Structure Characteristics

1. Tool magazine structure

40 and 60 tools guideway-type tool magazines, which are driven by a servo tool magazine, improve the overall tool change efficiency.

2. Spindle structure

The main shaft installs European structure design, high rigidity, high speed, and low vibration. Low speed and high torque for the spindle.

3. The worktable installs super-large grinding gears. It is combined with twin-turbo, vortex anti-backlash structure to ensure accuracy.

4. Transmission structure 

The X and Z-axis transmission method installs a direct-acting four-wheel drive. It has stable accuracy. Also, it could eliminate backlash, and improve torsional rigidity and allow angle. The Y-axis installs direct-drive transmission and cooperates with a German reducer to improve torsional rigidity.

5. Counterweight structure

Use servo frequency conversion hydraulic station, the counterweight of the hydraulic cylinder reduces the axial load and lengthen the life.

6. Casting structure design 

The linear guideway installation surface and the ballscrew center are on the same plane, which makes the ballscrew drive more stable and ensures the stability of the overall accuracy of the machine tool.

7. Hanging guideway structure 

The Y-axis adopts a box-in-box high-rigidity right and left paired lining structure. The Y-axis installs 4 linear guide guideways, 2 front and 2 back, with high rigidity, high precision, and long service life.


Model YSBD-130/20T
Subject Specifications Units  
Travel X-Axis (Standard) mm 4000
X-Axis (Optional) mm 4500/5500/6500      
Y-Axis (Standard) mm 3200
Y-Axis (Optional) mm 3500
Z-Axis (Standard) mm 2000
Z-Axis (Optional) mm 2500
W-Axis (Standard) mm 700
Worktable Worktable Size-Standard (L*W) mm 2500x2500/25T
Worktable Size -Option (L*W) mm 2500x3000/40T
Table Indexing deg 0.001°
T-Slot mm 28H7x 200x11
Spindle Spindle Nose to Worktable mm 75~3275
Spindle Nose to Table Center mm -165~2856
Spindle Diameter mm ∅130
Spindle Type / BT50
Spindle R.P.M. rpm 3000
Spindle Transmission / Belt
Motor Spindle Motor kw 22/30
Maximum Torque Nm 3011/4108.5
Accuracy Indexing Accuracy arc/sec 10"
Indexing Repeatabiity arc/sec ±4"
Position Accuracy mm 0.01
Repeatability mm 0.005
Drive Type X/Y/Z- Axis / Direct
Feedrate W-Axis / Belt
X/Y/Z/W Cuttinq Feedrate m/min 10/10/10/5
X/Y/Z/W Rapid Traverse m/min 10/10/10/8
Tool Changer Rod Storage Capacity / 60
Selection Method / Servo Drive
Max. Tool Diameter kg 25
Max. Tool Weight mm 500
Max. Tool Length mm ∅125/∅250
Tool Change Time sec 14
Power Required Air Pressure Requirement kg/c 6
Power Requirement kva 95
Others External Dimensions (L*W*H)  mm 9000X8800X6100
Gross Weight t 54


Standard Accessories

ARM Type Tool Changer Rigid Tapping Dual LED Work Light Spindle Nose Air Blow
Automatic Lubricating System Heat Exchange for Electric Cabinet LED 3 Color Warning Light Leveling Bolts and Pads
Semi-Endosed Guard Coolant Tank & Chip Tray M30 Auto Off Rotary Table



Optical Linear Scale Tool Breakage System Oil Mist Collector Workpiece & Tool Probe
CTS Chip Conveyor System Oil Skimmer Auto Parts Probe Measuring System


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