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High-speed drilling and tapping machine, a kind of metal cutting CNC machining equipment commonly used in metal cutting machine tools, integrates cutting, drilling, and tapping. It is widely used with its advantages of accurate processing, fast processing, simple operation, and a high level of automation in drilling and tapping.

The style and function of the drilling and tapping machine are similar to that of the machining center (VMC). It can complete operations such as drilling, tapping, and milling. It is an indispensable production and processing equipment and the perfect solution for many parts processing plants and small shops.

With the acceleration of my country's industrialization process in recent years, the application of drilling and tapping machines has become more and more extensive, and the innovation and optimization of drilling and tapping machine equipment are also being carried out. So what are the characteristics and advantages of high-speed drilling and tapping machines?


Features of high-speed CNC drilling and tapping centers:

1. Simple adjustment of high-precision tapping stroke.

2. The double safety clutch device can prevent the breakage of the wire-tapping.

3. The cooperation of multi-axis tapping machines can produce high-efficiency operation.

4. High-rigidity spindle: The advantage of the high-speed drilling and tapping machine is that the spindle milling force is large: the spindle speed is 10,000 rpm (20,000 rpm), and the power is 5.5/7.5KW, which can perform rigid machining actions in a short time. The main shaft adopts high-speed and high-precision bearings with low heat generation, with less vibration and noise. The spindle advance and retract tool is automatically and precisely matched according to the tooth distance, and it will not float up during work.

5. It can be matched with a 2-24-axis movable multi-axis, fixed multi-axis, and indexing plate to improve production capacity and save time and effort.

6. According to the needs and options of customers' parts processing, we can plan, design and manufacture semi-automatic and automatic drilling and tapping machine cutting machines.

7. Mature numerical control system (Fanuc, Siemens, and YS-S800): The high-speed drilling and tapping machine is equipped with a system with high performance, high stability, and high-speed data processing capability, which is more effective in the three-dimensional processing process.


Advantages of high-speed drilling tapping center:

First of all, the stroke of traditional drilling and tapping machines is generally within 800 × 400. Although it can be boring and milling, the milling load is weak, and it is generally used for drilling and tapping aluminum materials.

The high-speed drilling and tapping machine is continuously innovated on the basis of the traditional drilling and tapping machine. While developing the milling strength and the rigidity of the whole machine, the original processing efficiency of the drilling and tapping machine is maintained.

The turret-type tool magazine only needs 2 seconds to change the tool, which can complete high-precision tapping and take into account the efficiency. Secondly, the high-speed profile drilling and tapping machine can be developed and customized according to the needs of different users. Compared with the traditional drilling and tapping machine, it can meet the different processing needs of different processing plants.

1. improve the working efficiency of processing and production, and reduce labor costs:

The high-speed drilling and tapping machine integrates the punching and tapping actions of the parts to be tapped, and the tapping and punching are directly performed on the punching machine simultaneously and improving the degree of automation and reducing the processing procedures;

2. Easy to install, easy to replace, easy to operate, and easy for novices to master:

The design of the high-speed drilling and tapping machine is sturdy and durable, small in size, and easy to install in different molds, and the tooth heads can be replaced with different specifications. Standard precision thread.

3. Improve production efficiency:

The use of high-speed drilling and tapping machines can save working time, with high tapping precision, short time, and high productivity.

4. Save labor:

The high-speed drilling and tapping machine combines the tapping and stamping of parts into one process, which is fully automated, thereby saving labor costs.

5. Reduce costs:

The use of high-speed drilling and tapping machines can reduce the probability of material feeding errors, and the number of products in stock, thereby saving costs.

6. Energy saving:

After combining the stamping and tapping of the parts, the high-speed drilling and tapping machine is completely driven by mechanical transmission, thus saving the energy of the machine specially used for tapping

7. Multi-purpose One Machine:

Customized production, and can meet the general needs of the processing industry.


YST-800 CNC Tapping Center Product Characteristics

The machine bed is made of high-grade HT300 cast iron precision casting

The BT30 spindle speed is 20000rpm, power of the motor is 5.5kw

Equipped with 21T servo saucer tool changer, tool changer time is 1.8s

Rapid displacement reaches 60/60/48, and Rigidity tapping speed is 6000rpm.

The drilling and tapping machining center series is widely used for rapid drilling, tapping, and milling of small parts such as electronics, sanitary ware, automobiles and parts, medical equipment, etc.; it is also suitable for small molds and precision copper processing.


YST-800 Drilling and Tapping Structural Characteristics

  • ①. Higher Z-axis

    The effective stroke of the Z axis is 410mm, the distance between the nose of the spindle and the table surface is 150-560mm, four axes can be installed without additional raiser blocks, and the rigidity of the machine tool is not affected.

    ②. Large Table

    Table size:1000X450mm. The larger worktable allows bigger parts processing.

    Optical linear scales

    Optional Heidenhain, Fagor optical linear scales with an accuracy of under ±5um.

    ③.Stable Base

     Shared V8 base, 1020mm span, high rigidity, high precision bed.

    ④.Powerful Motor

    Standard 20000rpm BT30 high-speed motor, power 5.5kw; optional 12000rpm for large torque motor, power 7.5kw.

    Fast tool change speed

    Equipped with 21T servo tool magazine, tool change time is 1.8s; X/Y axis rapid traverse at 60m/min, Z axis rapid traverse at 48m/min.

    Powerful spindle

    YSV800 configuration BBT40 outer diameter 150mm with higher rigidity, and short nose spindle, five bearings, coolant nozzles.

    Upgrade Configuration

    German Rexroth roller linear guideway, Taiwan servo tool magazine, Taiwan spindle.

    Beautiful appearance

    European and American style sheet metal design, beautiful and practical

Standard Accessories
Safety Door
Automatic Lubricating System
Fully Enclosure Guard
Rigid Tapping
Heat Exchange for Electric Cabinet 
Coolant Tank & Chip Tray
Dual LED Work Light
LED 3 Color Warning Light
Spindle Oil Cooler
Spindle Nose Air Blow
Leweling Bolits and Pads
M30 Auto Off
Optical Linear Scale
Chip Conveyor System
Tool Breakage Probe
Oil Skimmer
Oil Mist Collector
Workpiece& Tool Probe
Rotary Table


YST Series:

Model YST-600 YST-700 YST-800
Travel X/Y/Z Axis mm 500/400/350 700/400/350 800/450/410

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