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Gantry Machining Centers

The gantry machining center refers to the machining center in which the axis of the Z axis of the main shaft is perpendicular to the table. Especially suitable for machining large workpieces and workpieces with complex shapes.



The USP of Gantry Machining Centers (advantages):

(1) The high processing precision:

The precision of the gantry machining center is relatively high, and it has a relatively high and more stable processing quality; even for complex parts, the processing dimensional accuracy can be between 0.005 and 0.01mm. Because of their high precision, our gantry machining centers can even make a difference in fields such as aerospace.


(2) The capacity for high-complicated parts:

Multi-coordinate linkage can be carried out, and parts with complex shapes can be processed; compared with other machine tools, the gantry machining center is more suitable for the processing of large workpieces and has more advantages for the processing of workpieces with complex shapes.


(3) What if your clients often change the shape and size of the processed parts?

Using our gantry machining center, you usually only need to change the NC program to adapt the machine to the fast and changing processing needs of customers.

This can save the preparation time of production, so it is very suitable for the development and research of some new products and model making. Especially in the case of processing those workpieces with multiple varieties and small batches, its high productivity will save you a lot of time.


(4) Higher productivity:

The gantry machining center itself has high precision and high rigidity and can choose a favorable processing amount, and the productivity will be higher;


(5) Mass production quality control:

The gantry machining center has a high degree of automation, high performance, high production efficiency, mass production, and easy control of product quality; since most operations are automatically completed by machines, human errors are avoided and the size of batch parts is improved. consistency.


(6) High Automation for less intensity of labor and meeting the needs of unmanned factories

The gantry machining center has a relatively high degree of automation, which can reduce the intensity of labor, improve operator working conditions, and effectively increase production efficiency; its main job is to compile processing programs into computer programming and convert all processes to be processed, Process parameters and displacement data are programmed. Then use the written program to control the processing of the machine tool.

In addition to the manual clamping of blanks, all other machining processes can be automatically completed by CNC machine tools. If equipped with automatic loading and unloading equipment, the gantry machining center can easily meet the needs of unmanned factories.




There are generally 5 types of gantry machining centers. Their processing characteristics, capabilities, and product processing uses are not exactly the same.

Fixed beam types:

Fixed beam, working table moving/rotating.

Mobile beam types:

The mobile beam can move up and down, and the working table moving back and forth.

Mobile gantry type:

Fixed table, gantry moving

Gantry-type machining center:

Fixed table, cross beam moving.

Multiple Types:

There are also multiple types of gantry machining centers in the above composite form.


Traditional structure Yangsen new   

Traditional structure:

double track T-type ram.

The traditional structure is connected by a belt, which has high noise and poor dynamic balance effect. It is easy to produce vibration tool marks during processing and cannot be processed at high speed.

Yangsen new:

four-Rail square ram.

The built-in direct connection design reduces the power transmission consumption from the spindle motor to the spindle.


Traditional structure

double track T-type ram

The traditional T-shaped ram adopts the design of double track (6 sliders), which has poor rigidity.


Yangsen new

four-Rail square ram

Yangsen adopts four-line rail (10 sliders) square ram structure design, which has stronger rigidity



Common square ram: direct coupling spindle

Common square rams are driven by long couplings, and the length of the coupling is too long to easily cause motion:

1. Poor dynamic balance effect

2. Low transmission rate

3. There is a problem of torque loss


Yangsen new: built-in motor spindle

Yangsen’s new model adopts built-in direct installation, cancels the long coupling and reduces the use of built-in direct installation:

1. Reduce the problem of torque loss in long couplings

2. Improve machining accuracy and cutting rigidity

3. Good dynamic balance for finishing and high surface finish



Traditional:Structural Beams.

The traditional structure only has no reinforcement ribs inside the beam box structure.

Yangsen new:Cross rib thickened beam.

Yangsen’s new beam has a large span and adopts a cross rib structure with strong deformation resistance


Traditional:Structural Columns.

Yangsen new:Sun rib Columns

1. The one-piece cast column structure, combined with the thick column section size, effectively connects the rigidity transmission between the beam and the base, and greatly improves the cutting rigidity of the YZ axis.

2. The sun-shaped rib design inside the column provides high stability and high rigidity


1. Split bearing motor base, the coaxiality of the bearing and motor installation holes is difficult to control; the screw and the motor are connected by a belt, there is a gap, and the transmission rigidity is poor.

2. The auxiliary support structure of the fixed-point lead screw, the spring support force is unstable, and the gravity deformation of the follow-up support lead screw is large.

1. Yangsen’s One-piece bearing motor base, strong rigidity, high coaxiality of the bearing and motor installation holes; the connection between the screw and the motor is connected by a planetary reducer, no gap, and good transmission rigidity

2. The follow-up screw auxiliary support structure reduces the influence of the position accuracy caused by the gravity droop of the long-stroke screw



Gantry Machining Center Structural Features:

1. Workbench:

The table of the gantry machining center is basically rectangular. The large and heavy castings such as the table, bed, column, beam, and ram are made of cast iron or welded parts. The inner cavity of the casting is a honeycomb composite arrangement structure with advanced design, all of which have been treated by aging and secondary tempering to eliminate residual internal stress and stabilize the material, to ensure the stability of workpiece machining accuracy and machine tool life.


2. Spindles:

Using BBT50-D200 high rigidity spindle, 6 imported large steel ball bearings, super cutting ability.


2. Gantry--column:

The gantry consists of a beam and two columns. It can be divided into three types: beam fixed, beam locked by positioning block segmented lifting, and beam free lifting.


3. Ram:

The ram can be divided into two types: open type and closed type. The ram of the open structure is clamped on the headstock by the pressure plate, and the cross-sectional area of ​​the ram is large; the ram of the closed structure is clamped in the headstock, and the cross-sectional area of ​​the ram is small.


4. Automatic Tool Changers (ATC) System:

There are three basic types of tool magazines: turret type, drum type, and chain length type.


5. Accessory Header Charger System:

The machining of large, heavy, and complex parts often requires many attachment heads. The attachment head is specially designed according to the processing requirements of the workpiece and is generally divided into a right-angle head, extension head, special angle head, and universal head.


6. Gantry Machining Center (Computerized Numerical Control) CNC System:

There are many CNC system suppliers, and there are different choices of system brands and models according to different needs.


7. Gantry Machining Center Processing Accuracy:

The accuracy of the machine tool refers to the original accuracy of the machine tool under the condition of no external load. Accuracy is usually represented by its opposite - the deviation from the ideal state (abbreviated as error), and the smaller the error, the higher the accuracy.


Yangsen offer 2 series for Gantry Machining Centers:

YSM Gantry Structure Characteristics:

The YSM is a double-column machining center that has strong rigidity, a symmetrical structure, and high stability. Through continuous optimization of the component structure, the dynamic performance of the product is improved, and high-power, high-torque, high-efficiency, and high-precision machining are realized. It is suitable for large-scale processing fields such as shipbuilding, metallurgy, mining machinery, power energy, construction machinery, heavy industry machinery, and more.

Gantry Machining Centers YSM Structure

①. Base structure:

Compared with the double-guideway design, the rigidity is 50% higher; Compared with the four-guide ways design, it is more symmetrical and evenly distributed, reducing the power loss caused by the resistance of the multi-guideway slider;3m wide worktable, 2.1m base linear guideway. It is the best ratio span of 0.7.

②. Gantry moving nut structure:

The X-axis is driven by a moving nut, and three-point support is used in the middle to maintain the rotation accuracy of the ball screw rod. At the same time, the load capacity is large, and the cutting vibration resistance is good. It can improve the dynamic characteristics of the machine tool and increase the accuracy, stability, and service life of the machine tool.

③. Square Ram:

Bigger dimensions. It is a more heavy-duty design; The built-in direct connection design reduces the power transmission consumption from the spindle motor to the spindle.

④ Slide features

The large-size and heavy-duty design ensure that the upper part of the ram is firmly hugged by the three elongated sliders, and the lower part is supported by the four standard sliders.

⑤. Nitrogen counterweight:

Reduce the load of the motor and the bearing force of the ballscrew, increase the life of the ballscrew and the motor, and the acceleration of the Z axis to ensure processing accuracy.

⑥. Beam structure:

The stepped L-shaped design improves rigidity; The concave C-shaped structure has better-bending resistance;

Large section design; Finite element analysis.

⑦. Ballscrew support frame system:

⑧. Column structure:

The 1.28m ultra-wide design of the column reduces the overall cutting vibration and makes the machine tool stable.

YSM23/27 Series: 2-line tracks and 1-hard rail.

Model YSM-2013 YSM-2015 YSM-2217 YSM-2518 YSM-3018 YSM-3023 YSM-4023 YSM-4027 YSM-6027 YSM-4027Ram
Travel X/Y/Z mm 2000/1300/800 2000/1500/800 2200/1650/800 2500/2000/960 3000/2000/960 3000/2300/1000 4000/2300/1000 4000/2700/1000 6000/2700/1000


Optional 1250 Z axis


YSMV Series: 3-line tracks.

Model YSMV-2013 YSMV-2817 YSMV-3021 YSMV-5021 YSMV-3027 YSMV-5030 YSMV-7030
Travel X/Y/Z mm 2000/1300/800 2800/1900/800 3000/2600/1000 5000/2600/1000 3200/3000/1300 5000/3200/1300 7000/3200/1300


YSM28/32 Ram Series: 2-line tracks and 1-hard rail.

Model YSM-3028 YSM-5028 YSM-7028 YSM-5032 YSM-7032 YSM-9032
Travel X/Y mm 3000/2800 5000/2800 7000/2800 5000/3200 7000/3200 9000/3200
Z mm
1000 (Optional 1250, 1500) 1000 (Optional 1250, 1500) 1000 (Optional 1250, 1500) 1000 (Optional 1250, 1500) 1000 (Optional 1250, 1500) 1000 (Optional 1250, 1500)


YSM34/42 Ram Series: 2-line tracks and 1-hard rail.

Model YSM-5038 YSM-7038 YSM-9038 YSM-5042 YSM-7042 YSM-9042
Travel X/Y mm 3000/3800 5000/3800 7000/3800 5000/4200 7000/4200 9000/4200
Z mm 1000 (Optional 1250, 1500) 1000 (Optional 1250, 1500) 1000 (Optional 1250, 1500) 1000 (Optional 1250, 1500) 1000 (Optional 1250, 1500) 1000 (Optional 1250, 1500)


YSMD Gantry Structure Characteristics:

YSMD Series is for Large & Heavy Duty Moving Column Machining Center

Double column construction, providing high rigid support. Adopt counterweight balance, making the machine move stably, and reducing the load of the ball screw, keeping the accuracy for a long time.

Moving column machining center fixed beam double gantry moving machining center can process a workpiece at the same time, also can process two workpieces at the same time, high processing efficiency, small-footprint. It can finish the above processing efficiently and with high precision in a clamping process.

Gantry Machining Centers YSMD Structure

①. Dual Motor with Anti-Backlash Transmission Structure:

High Precision, Heavy Load, High Speed, Low Noise, Longer Service Life.

②. Gear Transmission:

High Precision, Heavy Load, High Speed, Low Noise, Longer Service Life.

③. Square Ram and Sliding Seat Structure:

Direct-Driven Design;

Large-Size and Heavy-Duty design ensures that the ram is firmly connected;

Three extended sliders at the top and four standard sliders at the bottom.

④. Vertical / Horizontal Automatic Tool Magazine:

⑤. Italy BF Gear Box:

High-performance speed, low noise. It could expand the motor's constant power range. It is easy to install. The machine can be used in conjunction with multiple series of motors. It can adapt to high-strength tension and small size.

⑥. Extended Angle Milling Head

⑦. Automatic Hydraulic Angle Milling Head

⑧. Two-Way Spindle Angle Milling Head

YSMD Series:

Model YSMD-6042 YSMD-8042 YSMD-10042 YSMD-12042 YSMD-14042 YSMD-16042 YSMD-18042 YSMD-21042
Travel X/Y/Z mm 6000/4200/1500 8000/4200/1500 10000/4200/1500 12000/4200/1500 14000/4200/1500 16000/4200/1500 18000/4200/1500 21000/4200/1500
Model YSMD-6046 YSMD-8046 YSMD-10046 YSMD-12046 YSMD-14046 YSMD-16046 YSMD-18046 YSMD-21046
Travel X/Y/Z mm 6000/4600/1500 8000/4600/1500 10000/4600/1500 12000/4600/1500 14000/4600/1500 16000/4600/1500 18000/4600/1500 21000/4600/1500

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