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Engraving and Milling Machine

Engraving Machine And Milling Machine


Why is there an engraving and milling machine?

Not long after the machine tool of the machining center came out, some people in the machine tool industry raised doubts that the machining center has too many functions, and the cost of using it to process small products is too high.

In order to be able to process small products, the BT40 spindle of the machining center is generally required to reach 20000r/ min or more, not only brings considerable difficulties to design and manufacture, but also makes the use cost too high.

So people thought that the function of processing small products should be separated from the machining center to form a new type of machine tool, and the CNC engraving and milling machine came into being.

CNC engraving and milling machine is a new type of CNC processing machine tool. Its birth makes up for the shortcomings of general CNC machine tools (milling machines, drilling machines, etc.) with single processing functions and the high cost of processing small products in machining centers.


To know what is Engraving-milling machine, we have to know What CNC Engraving Machine is, What CNC Engraving Machine is, and what their differences are.

The engraving machine is actually a CNC milling machine that uses small tools, high power, and high-speed spindle motors.

Their main differences are listed below:

Difference CNC Milling Machine CNC Engraving Machine
Spindle Spindle speeds are typically 8000 RPM and some motorized spindles are used. The speed can reach 20000-60000 RPM Small power motor, the spindle speed is relatively fast, about 30000RPM
Cutting Tool Diameter The commonly used tool diameter range is 6-40 mm The cutter diameter is often 0.2-3 mm.
Processing Ability CNC milling can do heavy cutting or light cutting CNC engraving can only do light cutting.
Application Industry The applicable industries of CNC milling machines are large machinery, manufacturing, hardware, textile industry, light industry, agriculture Most CNC routers are used in the engraving industry. Some mold industries use this machine to facilitate engraving and lettering of materials, as well as comminution of small cuts.


What is an Engraving-milling machine?

The engraving and milling machine focuses on engraving and milling and is a transitional model between the engraving machine and the machining center. Compared with the engraving machine, its advantage is that the machine has stronger rigidity, higher processing efficiency, high power, and is suitable for fast and heavy cutting of soft metals.

Compared with the machining center, the advantages are: the processing speed of soft metals such as copper and aluminum is faster, and the finishing speed of steel molds is more efficient. Its shortcomings are not suitable for roughing and heavy cutting of large workpieces.

Engraving and milling machines are also developing at high speeds, generally called high-speed machines, with stronger cutting capabilities and very high machining accuracy. They can also directly process materials with a hardness above HRC60 and form them at one time.


In order to meet the demands to reduce machines cost and high speed and high precision from industries such as precision molds and 3C products, we have launched high-speed and high-precision engraving and milling machines: YS Series.

Processing materials:

The product can be precisely processed for different materials: steel, copper, aluminum, graphite, glass, etc.

Application industrial:

It is widely used in precision molds, copper electrodes, shoe mold manufacturing, batch processing of clocks, watches, and glasses products, etc.


YS-870A Engraving and Milling Machine Features:

1. A patented spindle box of engraving and milling machine 

There is a stepped hole inside the spindle box; the electric spindle is installed in the stepped hole, and a flange is used to fix the spindle box

2. Worktable  

Box structure and ballscrew are integrally formed.

3. Optical linear scales 

Optional Heidenhain, Fagor optical linear scales with accuracy of under ±5um

4. Base 

Multi-layer wall box structure, rear chip extractions

5. A triangular rib structure of bridge column 

The utility model of the triangular rib structure of the door bridge improves the dynamic and static rigidity of the machine tool and enhances the processing accuracy.

6. Optional Direct-Driven BBT40 spindle

7. Upgrade Configuration 

Standard servo carousel tool magazine; HSK-E40 motor spindle; graphite protection package; laser tool probe; oil mist collector system, and more

   8. Stable Accuracy 

   The closed loop optical linear scales with high positioning accuracy can effectively suppress the positioning error caused by the thermal extension of the lead ballscrew.

   9. System Stability 

   Equipped with Siemens 828D system.

Standard Accessories


Auto Tool Length Measurement

Spindle Oil Cooler

Fully Enclosure Guard

Coolant Tank & Oil Skimmer

Hand Wheel (MPG)

Leveling Bolts and Pads

Tool Box

Automatic Lubricating System


LED Work Light

Spindle Air & Coolant Blast

Transmission Software and Cables 20m

LED 3 Color Warning Light

Maintenance and Operational Manual

Heat Exchange for Electric Cabinet


Oil Mist Collector






Rotary Table



YS Series Optional Models:

Model YS-760A YS-760B YS-770 YS-870A YS-870B YS-8012
Travel X/Y/Z mm 700/600/300 700/600/300 700/600/300 800/700/300 800/700/300 800/1200/300
Spindle nose to workable mm 90-390 225-525 175-525 130-430 205-505 195-495

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