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R&D Capability

R&D Capability

It is our life and top priority to meet the various needs of customers continuously. Inspired by this in mind, we organized and equipped a strong R&D department and technical department that possesses a unique and innovative spirit, since 2003.

1.        More than 30 staff with 15 years’ experience in R&D Department

2.        More than 50 staff with 10 years’ experience in R&D Department.

3.        More than 35 staff in technical departments.

4.        More than 7.5% of our annual turnover is allocated yearly as funding for research and development, in order to promote independent R&D capabilities and make continual improvements to the precision and affordability of various CNC machine tools.

5.        Actively introduce Taiwan's excellent machine tool manufacturing technology and equipment from Spain and Germany.

6.        The Ansys finite element analysis system locks the stress division of each component of the fuselage, analyzes the vibration source, and analyzes mechanical and physical change factors such as temperature rise change and structural displacement.

7.        High-rigidity structure design, one-piece high-rigidity doorpost, symmetrical structure design, effectively reduce thermal deformation and ensure long-term machining accuracy of machinery. FEM structural simulation, stress-strain analysis, provides the best dynamic cutting rigidity. The minimum overhang design of the head, the best cutting quality, the full stroke of the base supports the table, and obtains the best dynamic balance.

8.        More than 50 utilize-type Patens.

9.        Has advanced industrial machine tools processing and inspection equipment.

10.     More than 10-year-experienced colleague-enterprise cooperation with Xiamen University, Jimei University, Xiamen Institute of Technology, Quanzhou Institute of Information Engineering and Xiamen City Vocational College, and so on.


Independent research and development of S800 CNC system:

CNC System S800

System Introduction:

The company's self-developed YS-S800 system uses a 32-bit micro-processing embedded chip as the core of the system's main control module. t has powerful functions, rich built-in resources, and a 15-inch TFT color LCD screen man-machine interface display.

Main technical advantages:

The CPU has fast processing speed and supports floating-point operation, which greatly improves the speed and accuracy of motion interpolation calculation;

The system supports ten-axis control and 4-axis linkage interpolation function. It can perform various two-dimensional and three-dimensional complex processing;

The communication interface of the system is universal. it adopts 100M network interface technology for the transmission of NC codes, and through the network interface technology, the unified management and on-line diagnosis of the production workshop can be easily realized, and the MECHATROLIN high-speed servo synchronous bus control technology can be supported, which is in line with the world-class bus NC control technology.


System Processing Comparison Table:

System Yangsen S800 Nordson H Brand 21MA Brand M80
Processing: Gem surface (polished) Processing tech. Tool:D4R2, F3000/S18000 Tool:D4R2, F3000/S18000 Tool:D4R2, F3000/S18000 Tool:D4R2, F3000/S18000
Time: 25' 5" Time: 28' 15" Time: 34' 53" Time: 27' 43"
Comparison Results The cormer effect is best.
No overcut on the surface.
The corner effect is good.
No overcut on the surface.
The cormer effect is good.
Overout on the surface.
The oomer effectis verygood
No overcuton the surface.
The prooessing effect of Yangsen S800&M80 is the best, system S a litle faster, overcut on the surface in MA21.
Processing: Four stage mode (polished) Processing tech. Tool:D6R3
Time: 15' 18” Time:18' 32" Time: 22' 25" Time:17' 26”
Comparison Results The surface effect is good. The surface effect is good. The surface effect is good. The surface effect is good.
Surface processed by several systems has good effect, and Yangsen S800 is good at in processing speed.


Engraving Machine Samples:

Engraving Machine samples

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