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They Say Yes

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Auto Parts Processing Industry:

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Shiyan Hejun Industrial Co., Ltd. It mainly produces auto parts and export parts and mainly serves Dongfeng New Energy Automobile, Volvo and Shaanxi Automobile. Hejun
Dongshiyan Hengqing Auto Parts Co., Ltd. It mainly supports Beijing Jingjin electric vehicles, and Baoji Yuzhu is committed to making accessories for Shaanxi Automobile heavy trucks and Fast.  
Shandong Wanfang Power Group The primary supplier of Shandong Weichai Group. Wanfang
Yantai Unite Industrial Model Co., Ltd. A Korean-funded company mainly creates concept car models for Hyundai and KIA. Yantai Unite Industrial Model Co., Ltd.
Nanshanchuan Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. China National Heavy Duty Truck Group, Shaanxi Automobile Group, Changchun FAW, supporting. Nanfu
Chongqing Nanfu Aluminum Industry Production for BYD and Changan Automobile.  
Xiangyang New Torch Technology Co., Ltd. It mainly serves Shanghai Volkswagen, Changhai GM, Great Wall, Liuzhou Wuling, Changan Ford, and Dongfeng Passenger Vehicles. Fujian Southeast Automobile and other customer groups.  


Aviation Military Field:

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AVIC Hubei Jiatai Aircraft Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Production of aircraft and high-speed rail accessories. AVIC
AVIC Hubei Honghang Industrial Co., Ltd. Mainly produces aircraft life-saving equipment. AVIC
Xi'an Chengli Aviation Technology Co., Ltd. Manufactures jet engine nozzles.  
Xi'an Dayun Aviation Equipment Co., Ltd. Make supporting parts for the domestic large aircraft project.  
Xi'an Hangxin New Material Co., Ltd. Manufacturing of aircraft engine blades Hangxin
Chengdu Aerospace Jingcheng Technology Co., Ltd. Supporting China Aviation Development Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Materials.  
China North Industries Group Corporation--Hubei Jianghua Machinery Factory Mainly produces machine guns. China Ordnance
Beijing Zhixinjie Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. Supporting the No. 208 Research Institute of China Ordnance Industry.  



High-Speed Rail Field:

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AXi'an Jiaye Supporting production of high-speed rail locomotives and supporting production of Xiamen Baolongteng Metro. Xi'an Jiaye


Bathroom Field:

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Xiamen Lota Group Showers, nozzles, faucets and other household items Lota
Runner Group Showers, nozzles, faucets and other household items Runner Group
Solex Group Showers, nozzles, faucets and other household items Solex



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