Heavy Cutting Double Column CNC Gantry Machining Center YSM-5028

Heavy Cutting Double Column CNC Gantry Machining Center YSM-5028

The gantry machining center refers to the machining center whose main axis Z axis is perpendicular to the worktable. The overall structure is a large-scale machining center machine tool. The gantry structure frame is composed of double columns and top beams. There is a beam in the middle of the double columns. It is especially suitable for processing large workpieces and shapes. complex artifacts.

  • Max. X-axis Travel :

  • Max. Y-axis Travel :

  • Max. Z-axis Travel :

  • Max Workpiece Length :

  • Max Workpieces Width :

  • Max Workpieces Weight :

  • Application :

    Aerospace Engineering, Military Industry, Medical Industry
  • Processing :

    Drilling, Tapping, Milling, Surface Milling

Gantry Machining Center Description

CNC system once the setting and automatic guides where the work-piece loading place, automatic measurement, four- sides process, which can reduce the working strength of the operator and increase Productivity, maintain high accuracy for dimension, squareness, and parallelism. The square ram gantry machining center, on the basis of inheriting the advantages of the traditional gantry machine tool base frame with strong rigidity, symmetrical structure, and strong stability, introduces the international advanced dynamic rigid design concept and optimizes the design of the moving parts. The machine tool has large torque and good fast response characteristics, which is suitable for the needs of various machining fields.


Gantry CNC Machine Structure Characteristics



① Square ram structure 500X500MM

The machine installs a four-sided restraint quenching guide guideway and double-cylinder nitrogen balance device. The overall rigidity is strong. It has the strong cutting ability and stable precision.


② Italy BF gearbox

High-performance speed, low noise, expandable motor constant power range with easy installation. It can be used in conjunction with multiple series of motors and adapt to high-strength tension.


③ Fully automatic side milling head

The transmission gear is a Gleason spiral bevel gear. The transmission is stable and accurate. It has a long service life. The internal transmission key of the milling head is a quenched part with minimal backlash.


Double-Column Machining Center Parameters
Model YSM-5028
Subject Specifications Units  
Travel  X-Axis mm 5000
Y-Axis mm 2800
Z-Axis mm 1000 (Optional 1250/1500)
Spindle Nose to Worktable mm 350-1350
Three-Axis Guideway   X/Y Heavy Load Roller Linear Guideway Z-Axis Square-Type Ram
Door Width   2800
Type of Ram   Square-Type Ram (500x500)
Worktable Worktable Size(L*W) mm 4600*2200
Maximum Table Load t 14
T-Slot mm 11-28*200
Spindle Spindle Type type BBT-50
Spindle R.P.M. rpm 6000
Spindle Drive Type   DDS
Feedrate Rapid Traverse (X/Y/Z) m/min 10/10/10
Cutting Feedrate (X/Y/Z) m/min 8
Tool Changer ATC   24 (Option: 40/60)
Motor Spindle Motor KW 22/26 (140-286 Nm)
Three-Axis Servo Motor KW 6/3/3 (38/36/36 Nm)
Accuracy Accuracy mm 0.03/0.025/0.015
Repeatability mm 0.02/0.02/0.01
Power Required Power Requirement kva 55
Air Pressure Requirement kg/cm² 6^8
Others External Dimensions (L*W*H) mm 11600*6050*5820(6320)
Gross Weight t 51

Standard Accessories

Spindle Coolant System

Automatic Lubricating System

Semi-Enclosed Guard

Rigid Tapping

Heat Exchange for Electric Cabinet

Dual-Screw Type Chip Conveyor

Dual LED Work Light

LED 3 Color Warning Light

Chain Type Chip Conveyor and Cart

Geared Box

Leveling Bolts and Pads

M30 Auto Off



Optical Linear Scale


20T/40T/60T ATC

Workpieces Probe

Chip Conveyor System

Rotary Table

Oil Mist System

Oil Skimmer

Manual/Semi-Auto 90Milling Head

Auto Parts Probe Measuring System


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