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How Does a Horizontal Boring Machine Work?

May 29, 2023

A CNC horizontal boring machine is an advanced-grade machine that is utilized for drilling holes in metal pieces based on precise calculations done through its software based on human input. It combines a horizontal boring mill and CNC-driven automation controls (Computer Numerical Control). With CNC programming, high accuracy can be produced, making most of the Horizontal boring machines available at CNC Yangsen as they provide repeatability and industry-grade precision. Today we deep dive into the components, working principle, preparation, operation, types, application and merits/demerits of the advanced horizontal boring technology.



Components and Features


To produce high grade accuracy via automation, it comprises various parts. The main component is similar to a conventional horizontal boring machine. These essential common parts include the bed, column, spindle, worktable and supporting accessories. All these parts combine to form an efficient horizontal boring equipment that is stable and allows the free movement of moving parts.


However, the CNC technology is the main feature that differentiates a High-precision CNC boring machine from a regular Horizontal boring machine. It incorporates servo motors, a control center, guides and a programming user interface. The control unit is a dedicated computer that converts the operator's input to precise axis movements for accurate drilling with horizontal boring. The servo motors move the drilling tool along the axis guides, ensuring measured tooling throughout the boring process.



Another critical aspect of the advanced horizontal boring technology is the automated tool changer, magazine, tool length measurement system, coolant system and advanced control user interface. These features are responsible for continued cooling and lubrication, repetitive programming and monitoring the process for accurate drilling with horizontal boring.


Working Principle


The primary working function comprises multiple rotational motions of the spindle coupled with a linear motion under the control of CNC programming. The workpiece is secured on the worktable, and the cutting tool rotates via the spindle moving along the horizontal axis, providing accurate drilling based on the CNC program input. The tool rotates at high speed providing precise holes, whereas the movement on the axis provides the accurate location of the hole on the workpiece.


The CNC program controls the size of the hole and its location. The CNC program is fed with the designs in CAD (Computer Aided Design) or CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) software. This software is used to design the path of the tool, tool parameters, tool changes, drill speed and spindle movement on the horizontal axes. The developed program is then fed into the control unit of the high-precision CNC boring machine.



The control unit deciphers this program into physical movements and translates them into the spindle movement on all three axes. The spindle movement is controlled by the servo motors as well as the positioning of the work table. The control unit is also responsible for changing tools depending on the hole size and depth, already designed in the CAD or CAM software.


During the process, other simultaneous processes help in productivity-enhancing CNC boring machine. Apart from the drilling itself, the primary process is monitoring the process based on tool wear and already completed drilling. The feedback mechanism allows the control to see if the drilling is not being done as per the program, so adjustments can be made by the CNC horizontal boring machine or the operator for optimum performance and accuracy. Moreover, the cooling system ensures that the drill tip is continuously cooled to ensure excessive heat does not hamper the advanced horizontal boring technology.


Set-Up & Preparation


The working principle may sound simple, but most work must be done before the tool touches the work surface. This includes several steps that are to be taken to prepare the high-precision CNC boring machine for providing precise holes at the exact desired location. The generic steps required for all-time productivity-enhancing CNC boring machines available at CNC Yangsen include the following:


Work Piece Preparation

Specifications play a vital role in selecting the workpiece, including material and shape. The workpiece needs to be securely clamped on the bench, which should be double-checked. The loose or misaligned workpieces can lead to nonprecise hole drilling.


Tool Selection

The cutting tool selection depends upon the size and type of hole to be drilled by the Yangsen CNC horizontal boring machine. Moreover, tool installation in the spindle is also critical and plays an essential role in the accuracy of the job.


Alignment of Workpiece

Since all drilling on the horizontal axis is done via the axis guides, the workpiece must be aligned accurately during installation. Using alignment tools (if not available in the machine already) is better for aligning the workpiece with the machine axes.



Workpiece size is uploaded in the CNC software via the design software. Therefore, matching the uploaded measurement and the size of the workpiece is of utmost importance. It is better to double-check the dimensions before installation.


CNC Programming

Before the process starts, one of the most important parts of preparation is the CNC programming. It dictates the tools to be used, change of tools, spindle movement & speed and axis movements. The program should be carefully reviewed and verified before transferring it to the machine's control unit.




Machine Setup

Once all the above steps are catered for, the final setting up of the high-precision CNC boring machine is to be carried out. This includes minor adjustments of worktable position, spindle alignment, cooling system setup and any required additional configuration.


Safety Precautions

Before starting work on any of the CNC Yangsen boring machines for precision drilling, safety measures are significant. It includes checking all parts that need to be secured, any loose objects inside the machine, and any loose electric cables. Furthermore, using PPE (personal protection equipment) is also an essential part that needs to be done before starting any horizontal boring machine operation.


Operation And Control


Although it is a CNC-operated machine, it does not mean that no manual input is required before and between the operating processes. This includes programming, manual input, monitoring stats and the machining process. A typical operation and control process for a Yangsen, a high-precision CNC boring machine, consists of the following:


Machine Start-up

The machine should be turned on after all safety precautions have been taken, which includes verifying all installations and emergency stop button checks.


Power On

Power on needs to be performed, and sufficient time is given to Yangsen productivity-enhancing CNC boring machine control unit to initialize.  


Loading and Program Selection

Uploading the software and allowing time to be fed into the control computer is the next step that should be carefully monitored. Load the program into the control unit and perform any program-specific setup, such as tool length compensation or workpiece origin offsets.


Setup of Workpiece and Tools

The process has been explained in detail in the previous section, but all steps should be ensured once the process starts.


Machine Warm-up

Since it is an industrial-grade horizontal boring machine, it takes time to warm up. This includes the spindle and worktable. Therefore, a few minutes should be allotted for machine warm-up. The productivity-enhancing CNC boring machine manual should also be considered for checking the exact warm-up time recommended by the OEM.


Machine Operation

Now the operation has to be initiated by executing the CNC program. The all-time presence of the operator is to be ensured once the process starts.



The drilling process, tool wear & tear, coolant supply, and safety indicators must be monitored throughout accurate drilling with the horizontal boring process.


Tool Maintenance

If the process requires multiple tools to be loaded manually, the above steps should be repeated every time the process is brought to a halt. If the tool changes automatically, then tool wear & tear should be monitored along the way for any change (if required).


Completion Steps

Shutting down the CNC horizontal boring machine after completion of the process should be done as per the OEM manual. This ensures that the efficient horizontal boring equipment is ready for subsequent use.


Types Of Boring Operations

CNC Yangsen has a variety of advanced horizontal boring technology that can perform several boring operations. Let us look at broader types of drilling that can be done with these CNC horizontal boring machines.


Line Boring

This includes creating multiple holes in a single line, usually used for bearing or shaft purposes.


Taper Boring

Tapered holes can also be made with accurate drilling with a horizontal boring CNC machine from Yangsen. The holes do not have a uniform width from start to finish and require extreme precision.


Jig Boring

It is commonly used for creating complex and precise holes in components like molds, die plates, or aerospace parts done by additional jigs that can be installed on a boring machine for precision drilling.




The CNC horizontal boring machine can also be used to create large holes of the size matching the workpiece itself by removing the solid core.


Counter Boring

Counter boring creates holes that do not go across the workpiece but stop at a distance from the end, typically used for making holes for bolts and screws.



For precise holes, already made holes need to be finished up. Advanced horizontal boring technology allows refining such holes that require a precise fit.



Not only can round holes be made by a horizontal boring machine available at CNC Yangsen, but they also create complex features like pockets, slots and contours.



Industrial-grade horizontal boring solutions provided by CNC Yangsen are used in many home-based and industrial applications that require high precision. Some of the common examples include:

• Heavy machinery manufacturing

• Automotive parts

• Aerospace industry parts

• Defense Industry applications

• Energy sector

• Railway and Shipbuilding




CNC horizontal boring machines available at CNC Yangsen have several advantages due to their vast application area. Some of the merits of advanced horizontal boring technology include the following:


High Precision

Since advanced horizontal boring technology is CNC controlled aided by computerized design, it provides a highly precise drilling process. This is especially beneficial in industries where parts require high precision for fitting and functioning.



One CNC horizontal boring machine from CNC Yangsen can provide a wide variety of functions, including Tapering, Jig Boring, Line Drilling, Trepanning, Counterboring, Reaming and Milling.



Since all customizable horizontal CNC machines are computer-controlled, most processes are automated. Less human input translates into high precision and accuracy, a must-have commodity for any high-precision CNC boring machine.



A single CNC program uploaded with CAD software can be used repetitively for industrial-grade horizontal boring solutions. This repeatability ensures the production of identical parts and reduces scrap rates.




Advanced horizontal boring technology by Yangsen offers high-speed cutting and tool change capability. This reduces cyclic time while increasing productivity and efficiency at the same time. These high-precision CNC boring machines can handle large workpieces, enabling the production of complex and sizable components.




However, not all machines are made for everything, and these CNC horizontal boring machines are no different. Some limitations associated with efficient horizontal boring equipment include the following:-

• High Initial Cost

• Skill Labor Requirement

• Excessive Maintenance and Down Time

• Space Utilization Due To Machine Size




Therefore, it can be easily said that CNC Yangsen's advanced horizontal boring technology is a high-investment tool but has more advantages than limitations. It provides a wide range of operations and becomes an excellent investment over time, providing services to developers, contractors and various industries. High precision, repeatability and efficiency are the hallmarks of any CNC horizontal boring machine that can be utilized and rented out for people seeking these services. As technology advances, horizontal boring CNC machines are expected to enhance manufacturing processes further and contribute to developing intricate and complex components in various industries. Do visit CNC Yangsen to check out the complete range of advanced horizontal boring technology available and order your need right away.

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