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The Method of Improving the Service Life of CNC Machine

May 11, 2023

CNC machines are widely used in the modern manufacturing industry and give full play to the advantages that ordinary machine cannot surpass. The service life of CNC cnc machines is also one of the issues that everyone is very concerned about. So how should we maintain them in our daily work to prolong the life of CNC machine?

First of all, daily maintenance is very important. Before going to work, wipe off the dust on the exposed guide rail surface and the sliding surface of the cnc machine, lubricate various parts according to regulations and ensure that the oil quantity meets the requirements, and then check the positions of each handle and conduct an empty test run After completing the above items, the daily work will be officially started. After the daily work is completed, all the iron filings turned on that day should be cleaned up, and all exposed parts of the cnc machine should be wiped with clean cotton yarn, and all parts should be returned to their original positions.



Problems that Should be Paid Attention to in the Use of CNC Machine

1.1 The Use Environment of CNC Equipment

In order to improve the service life of CNC equipment, it is generally required to avoid direct sunlight and other heat radiation, and avoid places that are too humid, too dusty, or have corrosive gases. Corrosion gas is easy to cause corrosion and deterioration of components, resulting in poor contact or short circuit between components, affecting the normal operation of the equipment. Precision CNC equipment should be kept away from equipment with large vibrations, such as punch presses and forging equipment.


1.2 Requirements

In order to avoid the impact of large power fluctuations (greater than ±10%) and possible instantaneous interference signals, CNC equipment generally adopts dedicated line power supply (for example, separate a line from the low-voltage power distribution room for separate use) or add a voltage stabilizing device, etc., which can reduce Effects and disturbances on power quality.


1.3 Prevent CNC Machine From Colliding

CNC Machine collision is a great damage to the accuracy of machine, and the impact on different types of cnc machines is not the same. Generally speaking, it has a greater impact on cnc machines with less rigidity. Therefore, for high-precision CNC lathes, collisions must be absolutely eliminated. As long as the operator is careful and masters certain anti-collision methods, collisions can be completely prevented and avoided.

The main reasons for collisions are:

Incorrect input of the diameter and length of the tool;

Errors in the input of the size of the workpiece and other related geometric dimensions, as well as errors in the initial positioning of the workpiece;

The workpiece coordinate system of the cnc machine is set incorrectly, or the zero point of the cnc machine is reset during the machining process, resulting in changes. Most of the machine collisions occur during the rapid movement of the machine. The collisions that occur at this time are also the most harmful and should be absolutely avoided. Therefore, the operator should pay special attention to the initial stage of the cnc machine executing the program and when the cnc machine is changing the tool. At this time, once the program is edited incorrectly and the diameter and length of the tool are entered incorrectly, collisions are likely to occur. At the end of the program, if the retraction action sequence of the CNC axis is wrong, a collision may also occur.

In order to avoid the above-mentioned collisions, the operator should give full play to the functions of the five sense organs when operating the machine. Observe whether the cnc machine has abnormal movements, sparks, noise and abnormal noise, vibration, and burnt smell. If an abnormal situation is found, the program should be stopped immediately, and the cnc machine can continue to work after the problem of the cnc machine is solved.

 Prevent cnc machine from colliding


1.4 Operating Procedures

The operating procedure is one of the important measures to ensure the safe operation of the CNC cnc machine, and the operator must operate according to the operating procedure. When the cnc machine breaks down, the operator should pay attention to keep the scene, and truthfully explain the situation before and after the failure to the maintenance personnel, so as to facilitate the analysis and diagnosis of the cause of the failure and eliminate it in time.

In addition, CNC machines should not be stored for a long time. After purchasing CNC cnc machines, they should be fully utilized, especially in the first year of use, so that the weak links that are prone to failure can be exposed as soon as possible, and can be eliminated during the warranty period. When there is no processing task, the CNC cnc machine should also be powered on regularly, preferably 1-2 times a week, and run dry for about 1 hour each time, so as to use the heat generated by the cnc machine itself to reduce the humidity inside the machine, so that the electronic components will not be damaged. If it gets wet, it can also detect whether there is a battery alarm in time to prevent the loss of system software and parameters.

Problems that should be paid attention to in the use of numerical control equipment


2. Maintenance of CNC Machine 

There are many types of CNC machines, each with different characteristics due to their different functions, structures, and systems. The content and rules of its maintenance also have their own characteristics. Specifically, the necessary regular and graded maintenance system should be formulated and established according to the type, model, and actual use of the machine, and refer to the requirements of the cnc machine manual. The following are some common and general daily maintenance points.

2.1 Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance is essential to keep your CNC machine in good condition. Maintenance includes cleaning and lubricating various parts of the cnc machine, such as guide rails, sliders, transmissions, etc. Remove accumulated dust and metal shavings, and lubricate parts with an appropriate lubricant. In addition, the electrical system, hydraulic system, and mechanical transmission system of the cnc machine are checked to ensure that they are functioning properly. The manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedule and routine inspection of the machine's components must be followed. This includes checking lubrication systems, belts, and bearings, etc.


2.2 Proper Use

Proper use of CNC cnc machines is also crucial to prolonging their service life. This includes using the machine within the recommended operating parameters, avoiding overloading the machine, and ensuring that the machine is not subjected to excessive vibration or shock. Bad operations such as overload operation, frequent start and stop, and sudden power failure will increase the wear and tear of the cnc machine and the risk of failure. Operators should follow best operating practices and avoid excessive loads and sudden load changes to reduce wear on the cnc machine.


2.3 Operator Training

Proper training of machine operators is also critical to extending the life of your CNC machine. Operators should receive training on how to use the machine properly, how to perform routine maintenance, and how to recognize and fix common problems. Regular training educates operators on best operating practices, troubleshooting tips, and safe operating considerations. The operator should understand the working principle of the cnc machine, the function and maintenance requirements of each component, so as to operate and maintain the cnc machine correctly. Qualified operators can reduce misuse and misuse, thereby extending the life of the cnc machine.


2.4 Upgrade and Replacement

Regularly check the manufacturer's official website or contact them to see if any updates are available. Keeping a cnc machine's software and firmware updated in a timely manner can improve its functionality and fix known issues, thereby increasing the machine's performance and longevity. Upgrading the components of your CNC machine or replacing worn parts can also help extend its life. For example, upgrading to a more efficient spindle or replacing a worn ball screw can improve a machine's performance and reduce wear on other components.


2.5 Environmental Factors

Environmental factors can also affect the service life of CNC cnc machines. Machines must be kept in a clean, dry, and temperature-controlled environment to prevent damage from dust, moisture, or extreme temperatures. The power supply voltage fluctuation where the cnc machine is located is small. The ambient temperature is lower than 30 degrees Celsius, and the relative humidity is lower than 80%. The location of the cnc machine should be far away from the vibration source, avoid the influence of direct sunlight and heat radiation, and avoid the influence of moisture and airflow.


2.6 Periodic Inspection and Recording:

Carry out a comprehensive inspection of cnc machines on a regular basis, and record changes in key parameters and indicators. Monitor the running status, temperature, vibration, etc. of the cnc machine, and compare it with previous records. This helps to identify potential issues and trends early and take appropriate steps to fix and adjust.


2.7 Regular Calibration:

The accuracy and stability of CNC cnc machines are critical to machining results. The geometric accuracy and axis position of a cnc machine may change over time. Periodic geometrical calibration and axis checks of the cnc machine are necessary. This can be done by using measuring tools (such as calipers, goniometers, etc.) and calibration equipment. Calibrating a cnc machine ensures its motion accuracy and position are accurate, improving machining quality and extending machine life.


In addition to the daily necessary maintenance, the lathe also needs first-level maintenance every three months, which is mainly carried out by operators and maintenance workers.

Maintenance Part Maintenance Content
Exposed parts of machine tools Clean the appearance of the machine and each cover, and keep the inside and outside of the locomotive clean, free from rust and yellow robes. Check and repair screws, handballs, handles, etc.
bedside box Clean the bedside box and check and adjust the clearance of the main shaft, and whether the caps and screws are loose, and adjust the positioning screws properly.
Tool holder and tool change system Clean the tool holder and adjust the gap between the inclined irons of the small and medium pallets, check the lubrication of the tool, the tool magazine, and the manipulator, whether there is jamming and whether the re-clamping position is correct.
display screen, control panel Check whether the limit switches of each axis are sensitive, intact and reliable, whether the emergency stop switch is normal, and whether there is any abnormal display on the display screen. If there is any abnormality, find out the cause and eliminate the fault in time.
Cutting fluid device Clean up the iron filings, sundries and oil stains in the cutting fluid tank, replace the cutting fluid regularly and check whether the cooling pipeline is normal.
lubrication system Regularly check the working condition of the oil pump, whether the pressure is normal, and whether there is any abnormal noise; whether the amount of lubricating oil is normal, check the oil quality, and whether there is any leakage in the pipeline.
Ball screw Clean the screw and adjust the axial movement of the screw, and maintain the bearing of the screw
Gas water separator Wipe off dust, dirt, clean air filter, drain excess water from separator
defensive equipment Check whether the protective device is loose or damaged.
Electrical System

Wipe the cooling fan of the electrical cabinet, clean the filter screen, and check whether the interlocking device is in good condition motor.Check whether the motor cooling fan is normal, clean the fan filter


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