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CNC Machine Tool Terminal: Market Growth and Localization

Apr 26, 2023

As the key basic support of advanced manufacturing, CNC machine tools have become one of the important areas for breakthroughs in my country's localization. According to industry insiders, high-end CNC machine tools are still a weak link in my country's machine tool industry, which is highly dependent on imports. For a long time, there are few domestic enterprises that can independently develop and produce high-end five-axis machining centers.


Since 2021, on the one hand, due to the increase in the proportion of high-end manufacturing, the demand has increased, and the domestic industrial chain has become more and more perfect, accelerating cost reduction and promoting five-axis machine tools to replace three-axis machine tools. On the other hand, imported machine tools were blocked last year in terms of order delivery, technical and after-sales personnel flow and service, which made domestic machine tools gain more trial opportunities from domestic downstream customers.


Downstream orders of domestic CNC machine tools in Q1 are relatively good

The structural upgrade of China's machine tool market will develop in the direction of complete sets of automation, customer customization and general shift upgrades. At present, the self-made key components of domestic manufacturers have improved. With the cost-effective advantages of domestic equipment, the downstream orders in Q1 this year are relatively good. Some manufacturers report that the production line is close to full capacity. For downstream orders with higher interest rates, it is expected that the industry as a whole will maintain a growth rate of more than 20% throughout the year.


After years of development, my country's CNC machine tool industry has established a certain technical foundation, and has sufficient production and supply capacity in the field of low-end products.



Break through the "stuck neck" situation of key technologies through standardization

The importance of high-end equipment such as industrial master machines in the industrial field is self-evident. It is at the core of the industrial chain and is also an important factor for the high-quality development of my country's manufacturing industry. At present, the domestic penetration rate of equipment such as the industrial mother machine industry chain is low. In the era of stock competition, mastering the autonomy of core technologies is the foundation for ensuring national industrial security. For any technology-driven industry, the formulation of national standards can provide a scientific basis for subsequent unified coordination and efficient operation, form a standardized pattern, effectively support the construction of a unified market system, and at the same time greatly accelerate the process of localization of the industry and make breakthroughs The current status of the key technology "stuck neck".


In recent years, with the joint efforts of the Chinese government and all walks of life in the industry, the standardization process of high-end equipment such as industrial base machines has been accelerated. In August 2016, the first international standard for my country's machine tool industry—IEC/TS60204-34:2016 was officially promulgated. This standard stipulates "safety requirements for electrical, electronic, numerical control, programmable electronic equipment and systems, etc. of machine tools". formulated situation. In October 2022, the international standard ISO23218-2 of CNC system series led by my country was officially released. The ISO23218 series of international standards is one of the landmark achievements of the 04 National Science and Technology Major Project. Its successful release shows that my country's "high-end CNC system key technology standard system" established with the support of the 04 special project has been internationally recognized, marking my country's "zero" breakthrough in the field of international standards for machine tool CNC systems.

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